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Traveling Tips

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Below are a list of links you will need if you plan on doing any traveling around Asia (or otherwise). Coco In Korea personally has uses and trusts all of the products & companies listed below:

Travel Health Kit Information:

  • Medication
  • First-Aid
  • Important Items
  • Contact Card
  • Medical Kit Suppliers

REI Camping/Traveling Supplies:

Internal Frame Backpacks:,k:backpack&keywords=backpack&ie=UTF8&qid=1293976252&scn=3400491&h=d633cd39ea2baffa6f61db21ea508afae4204d46
(Note: It is recommended by many travel sites that you TRY a backpack before you buy online)

Travel Insurance:


One Response to “Traveling Tips”

  1. Claire said

    Hey – Let us know if you’d still like to contribute to our website. We’re particularly looking for more pictures and also bus schedules!!! If you like, I can send you what we already have for Cheongju, and you can check if our other contributor has missed anything that you think is important..

    Let us know by emailing

    Thank you!

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