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About Coco In Korea

Purpose: Welcome to  ‘Coco In Korea’, my blog about living and teaching English in South Korea. I also blog about my travels around Asia. The purpose of this blog is to offer my insight and views on South Korea; provide anyone interested in traveling/exploring South Korea information on what to do, who to contact, etc; and to keep my friends and family back home informed on what is occurring in my life.

Life In Korea: Life in Korea is very dynamic in that it is constantly changing and there is always something to do. I hope that you will find my blog interesting (or at least helpful) and if you are not currently living in South Korea, I hope that one day you will be able to come here and experience the interesting culture , food, and people who live here.

For Teachers: As of December 2010, I have created a special page dedicated to providing teachers specifically in South Korea with materials that I have either created or used in my teaching. I hope that you will find this helpful. For more resources, visit, a comprehensive website not only providing teaching materials, but also forums and discussions about teaching and life in Korea.

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