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My, What A Big Buddha You Have!

Posted by cocoinkorea on May 21, 2010

(Golden Maitreya Statue of National Unification)

Today in Korea is Buddha’s Birthday, so I went with the Kim family to the Beopjusa Temple Grounds at Songni Mountain and I saw a really big Buddha. The Buddha stands at 33 meters high (108 Feet). There were hundreds of people there who went to pray to their Buddha and visit with fellow Buddhist friends. I did not climb the mountain today (the walk alone is over 3 hours), but I plan to climb it before I leave Korea. 

The weather was beautiful and I got to take some amazing photographs (which can be found above and below this post.) For more information on the history and information of the Beopjusa Temple Grounds, click here.

(Me and Hyeh Jeong at the Beopjusa Temple Grounds at Songni Mountain)

(Lucky Stones)

(Election Day is approaching [June 2 – No School!] so many of these women can be seen dancing all over Korea in support of their party. Sometimes they even give away freebies ^^)

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