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I Jumped Across The River and I Didn’t Fall In!

Posted by cocoinkorea on March 7, 2010

This is how my weekend started:


  • Woke up
  • Washed the laundry and hung them to dry (I miss dryers in America…..)
  • Cleaned my bedroom floor
  • Cooked breakfast, ate and washed dishes
  • Attempted to find the Lotte Mart near my house… ended up at Lotte Super…. wrong store but purchased groceries there anyways….  I will attempt to find Lotte Mart next week
  • Came home, put food away, made lunch, ate and waited for the cable guy to pick me up
  • Went to the cable guy’s house for dinner with his wife and three children
My first home-made Korean dinner at Kim Jong Soo’s house was delicious. Mr. Kim picked me up exactly at 5 pm with his 15 year old daughter and she remained the primary translator for the duration of the night. Mr. Kim lives in one of those tall-apartment-building-villages-with-big-numbers-on-the-side (If you are in Korea you know exactly what I am talking about.. for those of you who don’t know, I will get a picture soon). I have always wanted to go in one since I have seen them all across Korea, and I have accomplished on thing on my list (CHECK). 

The meal of the night: Bulgogi (Beef and Veggies cooked together)… DELICIOUS. Mr. Kim kept trying to get me to eat properly with the chopsticks by demonstrating how to use them and I kindly told him that the proper was is too difficult, and I am working on it. He offered me a fork. I politely declined and continued to eat with the chopsticks, the wrong way… somehow I manage to pick up food so it works. Mr. Kim’s 15 year old daughter (wish I could remember her name) attempted to show me how to pick up kim (seaweed maybe?) and roll my rice in it. I don’t know what it is but it tasted delicious. I ate and ate and they kept giving me more and more. I had to tell them to stop I was getting so full. By time I got home and into bed, I was asleep by 9 pm.

  • 8 am: Roll around debating whether or not to get up right away, it is Sunday after all so I decide to lay in bed and watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl (could on find season 1 on demand,.. hey, I’ll take it, it’s in English)
  • 11 am: Finally decide to roll out of bed and make myself some breakfast: omelet, toast, banana and orange juice…. delicious. I really need to find some regular pancake mix soon so I can have more food options. 
  • 12 pm: Go check on my hanging laundry… still moist…. ugh I am missing a dryer even more. Clean my floor again and clean my bathroom. Wash dishes and cook chicken for consumption later on. Watch another episode of Gossip Girl
  • 1-ish pm: Shower and get dressed
  • 2 pm: Kiran comes over. We eat lunch, talk about Korean dramas and our schools, and decide to go exploring
  • 3 pm: I live right near downtown Cheongju so we crossed the bridge and I showed her where the six corners market was (cannot remember the name in Korean). We saw a lot of fresh fish and pig heads (EEK!). I promise to go back and take and pictures. Then we walked out of the market and stumbled upon the downtown shopping area…. I can foresee this area causing my pockets a lot of damage… while all of the other foreigners will be getting drunk on weekends, I will be shopping…d(>w<)b ahhh so excited… less than 10 minutes from my house = shoppers paradise!!!! I felt like I was back in Seoul again.. well almost. 
  • 6:45 pm: Hopped across the stones on the Musim stream with Kiran. I told her not to fall in because the water looked a little dirty. I hoped I didn’t fall in either. We hopped across the stones safely and reached land…. I’ve never felt so happy to be on land in my life. 
  • 7-ish pm: Arrive back home happy that I found out Family Mart has international atm’s so I got money from my bank in America!!! yay yay yay!!! I thought I was gonna be eating rice and beans until payday but now I have enough cash to hold me over *wipes brow*…. well i hope my American bank doesn’t charge me outrageous fees fore using the atm… guess I will have to find out Monday
Tomorrow I actually start classes! I cannot wait to see what the kiddies have to say!!!

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